EISENHOWER, Dwight David (1890-1969)

Republican, President of the United States

0th congressional district

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EISENHOWER, Dwight David; Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces, Supreme Commander of NATO, and 34th President of the United States; born in Denison, TX., October 14, 1890; moved with his family to Abilene, KS.; schooled at Abilene High School; enrolled at the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY. in 1911; served in the infantry in 1918; promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in the National Army; enrolled at Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, KS. in 1925; enrolled in the Army War College in 1928; enrolled in the Army Industrial College in 1933; appointed Deputy Chief in charge of Pacific Defenses in 1942; appointed Commanding General, European Theater of Operations in 1942; appointed Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Force of the North African Theater of Operations 1942; appointed Supreme Allied Commander in European in 1943; appointed Supreme Allied Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force in 1944; promoted to General of the Army in 1944; appointed Military Governor of the U.S. Occupation Zone, Germany; appointed President of Columbia University in 1948; elected as Republican President of the United States in 1952; reelected 1956; retired to Gettysburg, PA.; died of congestive heart failure on March 28, 1969; lay in state at Washington National Cathedral and the Capitol Rotunda; funeral procession from Washington, D.C. to Abilene, KS.; interment at the Eisenhower President Library, Abilene, KS.
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